Blossom has long red-orange hair with bangs and pink eyes. She is very caring of her sisters and loves being the leader but can sometimes be bossy. Blossom is smart and mature but can also be fussy and overly analytical at times. She is a little egocentric and dislikes her ego being hurt. Blossom likes to learn and is very good at school, and in her free time, she loves reading books and taking baths. Blossom is the most outgoing of her sisters and therefore she's very popular and has lots of friends. Her style is girly, and she loves pink, wearing heels, skirts and everything cute. Blossom loves makeup and loves to use blush and pink eyeshadow.

chic, classy, and clothes image Image by n.k. aesthetic, clothes, and dress image kind, pink, and quotes image hair, hairstyle, and red image aesthetic, alternative, and bambi image girl, pink, and quotes image heart, lollipop, and candy image pink, legs, and skirt image aesthetic, burgundy, and fashion image kiss, Letter, and aesthetic image girl, quotes, and beyoncé image girl, hair, and red image Image by 11:11 Mature image aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image angel and pink image fashion, pink, and style image

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This fanart is so cute!!