Day 3. “Five ways to win my heart.”

I cant say if i am a person who is very easy to impress but in fact you dont have to be an angel to impress me. Also i fall in love very easy so ..

1 - Just dont be an asshole to me ore anybody else. This is the basic to get at least my attention and i just cant stand people who think they are better than someone else. If you are a correct person and treat others the way you want to be treated I will definitely like and respect you.

2 - When people remember little things about me. Do you bring me my favourite Icetea?
remember that i eat at my grandmas house this wednesday? My heart loves the fact that people care and know when i have time and what i like.

3 - Just wink at me and smile ... ;)

4 - Listen with me to MY music.You dont have to love it but if you are with me listening to music is freaking important and my music taste is not that special so just listen and I love you.

5 - Be true to me.