Hi babes !
O.M.G. It's the last article of my Shop With Me serie, can you believe it ?
So... Today, to wrap this up in a good way, here's my current wish list. Enjoy !

1. New Phone

apple, electronics, and iphone image iphone, nails, and gold image
I would like an iPhone 6

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 White

camera, polaroid, and flowers image addicted, aesthetic, and photos image

3. Note To Self (i know im late)

aesthetic, book, and books image Image removed

4. Call Me By Your Name DVD

Temporarily removed timothee chalamet and call me by your name image

5. New Mirror

clothes, mirror, and room image white, room, and home image

6. Vans

Image removed vans and red image

7. Spotify Premium

aesthetic, aesthetics, and follow image arte, spotify, and bts image

8. Money

bitch love money image bad, brown, and cash image

9. AHS merch

automn, bed, and cozy image outfit, style, and fashion image

10. New Glasses

glasses, aesthetic, and blue image glasses, tumblr, and accessories image

Thank you guys for following me into the small journey that the Shop With Me serie was ! Hope you enjoyed it !

Love, always.