Songs challenge instead of playlist to change ;)

1. A song with a color in the title

Blue jeans by Lana Del Rey

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2. A song with a number on the title

No 13 baby by Pixies

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3. A song that reminds me of summer

Paradise City by Guns N Roses

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4. A song that needs to be played out loud

They don't care about us by Michael Jackson

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5. A song that makes me want to dance

Right next door to hell by Guns N Roses

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6. A song to drive to

The longest wave by the Red hot chili peppers

red hot chili peppers, rhcp, and music image Temporarily removed

7. A song that makes me happy :

Here comes your man by Pixies

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8. A song that makes me sad

Numb by Linkin Park

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9. A song you never get tired of

Take care by Drake feat Rihanna

love, Drake, and rihanna image Drake, take care, and old drake image

10. A song from my preteen years

In the End by Linkin Park

linkin park, music, and flowers image aesthetic, alone, and grunge image

11. A song that's good and has a good music video

Into you by Ariana Grande

icon and ariana grande image ariana grande and into you image

12.A song you like that's a cover by another artist

The man who sold the world by Bowie, the cover by Nirvana

nirvana, kurt cobain, and singer image david bowie, 70s, and bowie image

13. A song that's a classic favorite

Nothing else matters by Metallica

metal, metallica, and rock image metallica and nothing else matters image

14. A song you'd sing a duet with someone on karaoke

Smells like a teen spirit by Nirvana

kurt cobain, nirvana, and grunge image Temporarily removed

15. A song from the year you were born

Little Wonder by David Bowie

david bowie and 70s image Temporarily removed
feel old now...

16. A song that has food ingredients in title

Cherry by Lana Del Rey

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed

17. A song that has many meanings to you

How to save a life by The Fray

band, music, and the fray image the fray, friends, and grunge image

18. A song you like with a person's name in the title

Julia by The Beatles

Image by Sony Domm Temporarily removed

19. A song you think everyone should listen to

When you believe by Mariah Carey and Witney Houston

Mariah Carey and whitney houston image Lyrics, song, and miracles image

20. A song by a band you wish were still together

Heart-shaped box by Nirvana

kurt cobain, nirvana, and grunge image Temporarily removed

21. A song you like by an artist that's no longer living

Under Pressure by David Bowie feat Queen

david bowie, music, and vintage image david bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Queen image

22. A song that makes you want to fall in love

Perfect by Ed Sheehan

ed sheeran and guitar image ed sheeran, perfect, and Lyrics image

23. A song that breaks your heart

This I love by Guns N Roses

axl rose, duff mckagan, and Guns N Roses image axl rose, duff mckagan, and eyes image

24. A song by an artist whose voice you love

Shudder before the beautiful by Nightwish

music, nightwish, and symphonic metal image live, nightwish, and tuomas holopainen image

25. A song you remember from your childhood

My happy ending by Avril Lavigne

Image by Chiara Avril Lavigne image

26. A song that reminds you of yourself

I have no idea for this one, sorry :s

27. A song that you love but rarely listen to

Tears don't fall by Bullet For My valentine

bullet for my valentine, bfmv, and matt tuck image matt tuck, bullet for my valentine, and bfmv image

28. A song love singing along to

Should I stay or should I go by the clash

neon, blue, and light image bands, guitar, and punk image

29. The first song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes

Avalanche by Arch Enemy

arch enemy, alissa white-gluz, and concert image arch enemy, alissa white gluz, and vegan image

30. The last alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes

Every breaking waves by U2

u2 image Image by kraak_helder