If you want to lose weight,but it's too hard (I know,it's fu**ing hard) ,then here I am for you,and I'll try to help you.
Shortly about my journey: I lost weight in autumn,but I had some shit in my life,and i couldn't...I was too weak,and my body didn't become better,and most beautiful.I suffered many,and tried to change,but I couldn't,because in deeply myself didn't I step further.THEN I steped further,but I couldn't to start completely again.I became bulimic.But now!I'm on my way,my right way to lose weight.I feel I'll achieve,and I'll be honest,because "I made it".
Keep going with me,if you feel yourself weak or anything.

I do it NOW,still,so we'll can to do together!
I'm going to show you what I eat,or what I do,or ANYTHING that would help you,I think,anything that I searched in the internet too.
(apologize because of my English)

Look my inspiration collection too :)