Hello WHI and lovely hearters! I came to you with a new tag article, which is about my one of favorite shows, and this is SKAM. I watched the whole show like a half year ago and I loved every minute of it. And I fell in love the norwegian stuff on it, with Norway, the things there and everything. One day I really wanna go to Norway and thanks for the SKAM. But enough for the chatting, let's see what I can do with this.
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1. Which group was your favorite?

I liked the girl squad so much, 'cause in there were different personalities and I liked them so much.
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2. What is your favorite character?

I really liked, like so much Noora's character. She was so unique and beautiful and when she has a problem or anyone has one, hardly but she/they do it. Her style was so classy and I really liked that blonde hair and red lipstick combo from her.
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3. What is your favorite couple?

Khm-khm...Noorhelm foreva!
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4. Which character did you start by hating and then ended up loving?

I hated so much Chris Schistad's character for first, but after he and Eva had a thing, I think I don't hate him and I wanna know his story too. I never will know it, but he had a good fuckboy character and also he loved Eva, the end is also a bit crazy to me, but nevermind.
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5. Which character do you think should have had a season?

I don't know if I had to choose one, but I have more.
- Vilde, Chris Schistad...oh I had two...forget about it...
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6. The couple most wronged?

In the end, I don't know what the heck was that, but Chris with that other girl (I forgot her name, sorry). Hella no! He leaves Eva, but I wanna see their couple. (cries in norwegian...haha)
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7. Were you one of those people who wanted Chris boy to have a season?

Yeah, of course I was one of them! But we never wanna know what the heck was with him...
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8. What was the most beautiful friendship in the series?

I liked the relationship between Noora and Sana. They be really close friends, like those who were talking years after the school. they talk about so much things, and helped to each other.
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9. Which phrase in the series did you like the most?

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10. What is the most stylish character in the series?

I liked so much Noora's style, she has a cute an classy style and also unique.
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11. Which SKAM character would you like to have as a friend?

Just one? Come on...okay. I think it would be Noora, Sana or Isak.
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12. Did you feel like getting to know Oslo, the capital of Norway?

Yeah, of course!
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13. Do you really think SKAM and a copy of Skins?

I don't think so. Okay, I don't watched Skins, but I saw a few videos of it and I don't think it's a copy. Every show has his own style like here. SKAM has his own style and Skins too. That's all.
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14. For you what is the message that is passed with SKAM?

I think it was, that don't judge anyone for who he or she is, 'cause you don't know their story. Everyone is a different person from the other and people just judge each other by the cover and that's sad. Be who you want to be, 'cause your happieness is so important. One bad day is not a bad life, remember. Isak and Even fight against the bad things and they are together. Be a better person then others who judge others for fun, they just had no klife or his or her life is so boring, so they do such bad and crazy things. We live in a crazy world, but we can be good if we want to be. That's the good thing about us. Just be yourself and be with those, who loves you and you love them too. Be with your family, help others. Du er ikke a alen.
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So, this was my SKAM Tag, and I really hope you liked it. Be free to do it on your own. Have a really good Sunday and remember what SKAM teaches to you. Byeee!

LA, out.