My music taste is a little nontraditional, and I thought I'd like to share some of my essential albums. These are the kind of albums that are absolute works of art- each and every song is amazing.

They are all incredibly different from one another, so make sure you check out each one! Most fall under the alternative category with some rock influence. Enjoy!

Message me anytime if you have music you'd like me to check out or if you just want to say hi. And now... music recs!


↠ Countries, Van William

Port O'Brien, WATERS, First Aid Kit

Genre - Alternative: Pop
Tried to test the ice
But I could hear it cracking underneath
There's no compromise
If both of us are aching to be free"
― Track 2, Revolution (feat. First Aid Kit)

Van William really is an incredible storyteller. Vulnerable yet charming, with some of the most beautiful lyrics. I love this debut album, which he only released just early this year, and am looking forward to some new music from him. The rhythms are incredible and easy going, the songs are so diverse, and yet, every last one is amazing.


↠ Delirium Tremendous, Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5

Waits, Morphine, Firewater

Temporarily removed neon, light, and alcohol image
Genre - Alternative
Oh they wanna lock me up and throw away the key,
but with you by my side, they won't ever catch me"
― Track 2, I found Love on the Highway

How does one even begin to describe what is Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5? The genre listing on iTunes says Alternative, but really it's so much more- it's a style of it's own, it's jazz and rock and cabaret influenced with maybe something latin. It's loud and delightful but dark and twisted. Please, listen to this album. And if you get the chance, listen to what they call 'Austin's best kept secret' live.


↠ The Piano & Strings Sessions, Future of Forestry

Sleeping at Last, Explosions in the Sky, Copeland, Sigur Ros

piano, music, and flowers image Image by tenderlygirl
Genre - Alternative
If you travel here, you will feel it all
The brightest and the darkest
If you travel here, listen to your heart
And take with you what lasts forever"
― Track 7, Traveler's Song

The piano & strings sessions is a collection of music from Future of Forestry's other albums transformed into, well, piano and string versions. They are absolutely wonderful (the original songs are too, I'd check out their other albums as well), and usually I listen to these when I want to wind down or if I'm about to fall asleep. You can also find an instrumental version of this album, which I love, but his voice and these lyrics are also incredible, so of course I bought both.


↠ No More Nightmares, RKDN

Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, The Killers, Walk the Moon

lightning, weather, and thunder image sky, lightning, and grunge image
Genre - Alternative: Pop
I see all the world in your eyes
Silver stars beating hard"
― Track 1, Silver

My absolute favorite. No More Nightmares is RKDN's debut EP, and you can tell a lot of heart went into it. It almost feels electric. Definitely the kind of album you dance to.


↠ Through the Dark, The Season

Switchfoot, Relient K, Anberlin, The Almost, Angels and Airwaves

Genre - Rock
Truth be told I've lost the fire on the inside,
and now I'm screaming out for life"
―Track 1, Alive

When I think of The Season's work I think of true passion. Each song feels like a journey of its own. The contrasts between the soft and beautiful and the loud and piercing is absolutely incredible, and I'm definitely looking forward to a full length album.

↠ Apsley

FOR FANS OF: Jon Bellion, Stephen, Echoes, Twenty One Pilots, Mikky Ekko

Image by HUMA¥OON KHAN 94 hand, light, and sheet image
Genre - Alternative: Indie
Are we controlled by pressures bestowed?
Are we just a mold of a societal code?"
―Single, Sold

Unfortunately, Apsley has yet to release a full album yet, but I just needed to include him because of his amazing singles. He has a sound of his own, influenced by his backgrounds in rock, R&B, and electronic music. I love listening to his music while driving.


↠ 5AM (Deluxe), Amber Run

Aquilo, Kodaline, Jaymes Young, Rae Morris

Image removed 5, celeb, and life image
Genre: Alternative
All I see, girl, is in technicolor
And it's you that burns brightest of all"
―Track 16, Heaven

I'm sure many of you have heard Amber Run's beautiful song 'I Found,' but I've come to find that the rest of his music is extremely underrated. This is the complete album the song comes in. He has released new music since, but I always find myself coming back to this album. Beautiful lyrics and beats, everything different and similar at once. Definitely recommend.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you were able to find something you enjoy. Be sure to check out my other articles, which I'll link below. Until next time!
― Jules



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