1. Going to Bed at a schedule and waking Up early

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- I'm not a morning person, so having a good night schedule will hopefully help with my tiredness during the day and I will hopefully be more motivated to do more.

2. Once I start something, I finish it.

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- I have a hard time getting into things, my peers often tell me that I quit things to often when they don't meet my expectations, so I am going to try and do things I'm afraid of doing.

3. Talk to My School Counsellor, Even When I Don't "Need" It.

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- I feel like a lot of students are scared of seeing a counsellor because oh well "I'm happy, I don't need it." But at least for me, If I don't talk to someone about my feelings I get sad. So even on happy days I am going to talk to a counsellor and let even the small things out.

4. Push Myself Out of My Comfort Zone.

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- There's so many things I envision myself doing, and I often have a good idea of who I will be when I'm older. But I often find that those visions and dreams come from starting at the bottom and working my way up. The problem is that I don't know where to start, and when I do know when, I'm scared. So I want to challenge myself to do more things I don't like so that I can learn more skills.

5. Working out And Signing Up for Gym Classes

- I've always been working out, but I've never pushed myself as hard as I think I can. So I got my gym membership and now I will sign up for classes. This will help shape my life because I will be helping my health and my focus will hopefully become better by listening to the gym instructor (I have bad focus ) I encourage anyone to do this as well.

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So there is my 5 ways I can hopefully get this year up for me. I'm 15, so some people may / will have different ways for whatever reason. I'll update in a few months to show how I'm doing!


- Chan Ham ♡