Hey boo :)
I admit, I'm a little (a lot) materialistic, but many things that we look over in our lives are actually worth so much more than money. And you know the best thing? Their free!

So I compiled a few things that I love that cost nothing :D

► || My Sister

hair, friends, and braid image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, girl, and friends image kylie jenner, hailey baldwin, and kylie image
there are times when the two of us argue and end up ignoring each other for days, but at the end of the day, the two of us got each others backs

► || Friends

kendall jenner, model, and hailey baldwin image mermaid, beach, and summer image girl, fashion, and style image summer, beach, and friends image
my four baes who have dealt with my bullshit so many times.

► || Reading

book, vintage, and aesthetic image book, reading, and library image book and reader image dog, book, and animal image
reading a book is like being in a whole new universe (kinda counts right :P)

► || Smiles

girl, smile, and beauty image beautiful, cosmetic, and girl image girl, starbucks, and makeup image girl, beauty, and smile image
keep smiling, you don't know who's falling in love with it

► || Sleep

cat, girl, and animal image book, girl, and reading image beautiful and girl image dress, fashion, and girl image
name something better than having a good night's rest. i'll wait.

► || Mother Nature

mountains, nature, and snow image nature, travel, and water image nature, ocean, and summer image sky, clouds, and moon image
the sky, the mountains, the flowers and trees....

► || Dreams

quotes, life, and pink image quotes, goals, and words image quotes, Dream, and plan image quotes, Dream, and words image
it's what keeps me going in life

► || Rainy Days

paris and rain image buildings and london image city, wallpaper, and rain image window, sunset, and rain image
just curling in bed and listening to the rain is therapuetic

Welp, that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed :)