For this story It will Be based on a girl who, has some sort of curse, Her name is Rose. Her family died in a sorrow sunken ship. They were on summer break, Rose was busy studying to get into her dream school. She wasn’t going to go on the travel with her family.
They were going around spain and Italy, places people dream to go. She didn’t know about her family's death. She just thought they stayed there for another week. She was sent a letter on the front saying “LoTOfShip” I recognized the name; the boat company my mom and dad went on. I was thinking it was form them telling me how much fun they were having. I open it up ready to read my moms normal ‘BLAH BLAH BLAH’ Saying “Like honey, you should have been there we had the best time of our lives and bippity bop!”
But I opened it and found a note, the writing nothing like my familys… What it said scared me… I didn’t know if I could possibly live without them… Reading the note:
Dear rose,
My dear rose-bud,(Nexts to it I see a rose- bud plucked off a young rose.) If you read this me and you dear father have moved on, I have given this note to the company incase well, Something like a disaster happens.... But, we will not meet for another lifetime. I’ve been keeping something from you, our whole family has had this, I don’t know how to explain this but, some people in our family chose to live forever, and not age, some have chose the go off and we'll leave the land. Me and your father never chose what we wanted so we, left the world. We are Immortals….
And it just ended at that, I was immortal.. Or at least I think I am. I’ve been lied to my whole life…