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This nice girl will be answering my questions about gun control and feminism in the United States,I am Latin American specifically ,Chile, very far from her home,Gen has Mexican roots but she's American.The news tells us some events, but how is it really to live there?How Latinos feel in the middle of a government led by Trump?

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Having Mexican roots, do you feel excluded or people have made racist comments about your physical appearance or of your parents?

I have never received racist comments but for one reason I can feel that I do not belong. Where I live most people are Latinos, so it does not feel that much, but when I leave the city it's something else. The looks feel directed at me or my family, and I know they are not good looks. But sometimes is all in my head.
My mom told me that when she first came here ,she was confronted by racist people, but not much.

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What do you think of Donald Trump?

I can't believe that a nation so big and full of passion to move forward, can select a person like that to be president.

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The support among women is now stronger, have you felt a change in American society in this area?

Yes, since it was discovered what the President of the United States said, women have done many things so that the way women are looked at will change for the better.
They have marched around the state to show that women are not just beautiful from the outside but from the inside too.

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Have you participated in any of these marches? And if you have done it, how do you feel?

It was the Women's March, it felt really good that we finally woke up and we're not going to let anyone disrespect us.

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How are LGBTQ people treated?

I believe that everyone deserves love and finding love and it does not matter if you are a woman or a man.
Here in California they are more open, they make marches for the LGBTQ and where I work we do many events for people who are LGBTQ and we support people whose parents do not support them, or nearby people who need support.

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Let's talk about gun control, it's obvious that the US needs it, do you feel safe on the street or at school, knowing that any citizen can have a weapon?

Weapons are very easy to reach, here in America. Many times people who have been in troubled situations, like wars, they have had or buy many weapons thinking that it is to protect themselves, but in reality they put many lives in danger because they are not mentally stable .
I understand that the use of weapons can be very necessary but I really feel very scared of the idea of ​​weapons in general. So I do not think I'm very safe on the street or at school all the time.

How did you feel after the school shooting in Florida? I heard in the news that in the schools they started doing simulations, this happened in yours?

My school is just a 4-story building full of windows so it's not a very good place to meet when something like that happens, but we did one when that happened. They do simulations of earthquakes, fire and also for dangerous people with weapons.
There are also people with mental problems grabbing weapons that would be a case in Las Vegas, it is said that he had a lot of guns and started shooting at people who were at a concert not so far from the hotel he was using.
He grabbed a lot of guns and killed people, it's horrible but maybe it was very easy for him to carry so many guns and upload them in his hotel. And it was a well-known and famous hotel, so I do not understand how the hotel could let him bring that many.

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This article was made to show a reality not only in the United States, but the world. In my country, Chile, sexual harassment is a big problem as well as the discrimination of LGBTQ people, fortunately we don't have the great concern of weapons. But as I said or better written before it is a problem in the world and we have to fight for this to improve, to speak and enforce our human rights, because we have the right to love, to be ourselves, to live without fear.
Many thanks to Gen who was kind enough to answer these questions.

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With love, Gen & Val