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Favourite female character:

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Toni Topaz

Favourite male character

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Kevin Keller

Least favourite female character

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Veronica Lodge

Least favourite male character
Least favourite parent

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Hiram Lodge

Have you read the comics?

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No, and I don't really plan on it

Favourite parent

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Alice Cooper

View on the show

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I watch the show for entertainment but I personally don't think it has much depth (to the characters or storyline). I feel as though the writers are trying too hard to appeal to what they think the current teenage life is like, but have missed the mark and as a result have made the show too cheesy. Obviously though I still do watch and enjoy it, but I am not very emotionally involved.

Who did you think killed Jason before we found out?

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I never really figured out any solid theories that I believed in, but I thought it would have been cool if Cheryl did.
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