Hey guys, i'm going to tell you the top 5 anime's i think was the best and i hope you like it so with out farther a do lets do it. #5 -say i love you- say i love you is a love anime it was well done the story was fantastic and interesting. #4 -Another- another is a very emotional anime but true to the heart very well done. #3 -fate stay night- fate stay night is a really good fighting drama anime it is well done and i love the characters they are very open other then the bad guys. #2 - toradora- toradora is so me i'm like taiga so stay away when im in a bad mood, this anime is a love story, ryuuji and taiga are like brother and sister at first then fall in love toradora is true to my heart and is really good and well done. #1 - sword art online- i love this anime it is fun awesome and well done i love the story and the characters, it is also a love anime, and i wrote an article about it my very first one you should read it, but sword art online is true to my heart. I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!! - ill write more soon-