I love challenges very much so when I saw « If I were challenge » I decided to do it so I hope you enjoy my new article.

⇝ If I were a color
I would be Black.
it suggests power, elegance, mystery and yes I'm in love with this color ❤❤

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↠ If I were an animal
I would choose to be a lion
it represents Wisdom, Power, Royalty, Courage.
it's the king ♚♚

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➳ If I were a clothing style
I love the elegant clothes, but it should be comfortable, this is so important to me.

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↬ If I were a season
I would be winter or spring ☘☼
they are the most seasons where I feel so happy ✿
winter is the most romantic season in the year.
it's a time to analyze your actions and to think about how it will be your life in the coming year. it's the perfect season to calm your mind.
Spring symbolizes to a new life. In this season everything can begin again, flowers start popping up out of the ground
it's the season of parties, happiness , green trees, butterflies...

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➥ If I were a time of the day
Sunset, the beginning of the night, the most time where I feel so comfortable because I can sleep haha
everything is beautiful at night 😍😍

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↣ If I were an element
water because it's the source of life. we can't live without it

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↭ If I were a boy
I would be the turkish actor Çağlar Ertuğrul I like him so much ♥♥♥

gorgeous, perfect, and Çağlar ertuğrul image eyes, gif, and gifs image Çağlar ertuğrul image Image removed

➟ If I were a movie character
Sabine De Barra from A Little Chaos

history, icon, and kate winslet image alan rickman, kate winslet, and stanley tucci image

➻ If I were a mythical creature
I would be a fairy

Image by (SARE) SARE ŞİVA 2.ci Sayfası Image by Sunshine Rush /Terra G winx and daphne image

➵ If I were a dessert
I would be chocolate cake

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➳ If I were a school subject
of course I would be English

study, book, and school image university image

⇢ If I were a body Part
I would be eyes
they say that eyes are the windows to the soul.

eyes, eye, and green image eyes, glitter, and blue image

I hope you have liked it and a big thanks to you for your hearts love you all ❤❤❤❤❤