I´m curently watching and rewatching this ones 🥢

1. Nice Guy (Kdrama)
Kang Ma Roo, a name you will remember.
The acting of the great guru Song Joongki in this drama was what made many realize the hidden potential that this actor had and that put the other melodramas to tremble with his performance, this brilliant melodrama that is not only one of my favorite top Kdramas but the first thing I recommend to anyone to see. The tragedies, the betrayals, the deceptions, the revenge and the antipathy of those involved are all that this wonderful story brings, I have always said that the dialogue of this Kdrama is one of the best especially when Kang Ma Roo talks with Han Jae -Hee at a dinner and tells her to return to the sewers where she came from, until today I have not been able to forget that conversation.

2. Queen of Ambition (Kdrama)
This Kdrama will lead many to realize that women are capable to reach the top and achieve their dreams at any cost. Once I saw this Dorama I realized that some women are more dangerous when they have nothing to lose. WARNING: you will hate the protagonist.

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3.Go Go Waikiki (Kdrama)
After having a long day, I can not miss seeing this Dorama to brighten my day, realizing that someone is having a worse time than me. This Dorama will make you forget your bitter drinks of the day and will make you laugh at your own personal problems making them look smaller.

4.Manhole (Kdrama)
Anyone who knows me knows how much I like Jaejoong as a person, so I just had to see this Dorama. And I'm honest ... it's very good.
Manhole is going to make you laugh, it's going to make you angry, but the most important thing is that it will open your eyes that things do not always work out the way we want, and that often taking the blindfold off is harder than facing reality.

5. Return (Kdrama)
I'm just starting this one, I'm currently going through episode 8 but I'm obsessed. The performances, the plot twist, the human cruelty and the betrayals are something that this Kdrama shows from the first chapter, Return is the perfect definition of DRAMA and as more episodes are seen, there is more drama, if you like the mystery mixed with melodrama and a bit of human reality this is the drama for you. I look forward to seeing what happens.

6.Prison Playbook (Kdrama)
Have you ever met a person who seems dumb but the more you know him you realize that he is only playing dumb, this is the case of this baseball star pitcher entering a new world in jail, this protagonist takes you to see what happens inside this Korean jails and how he does to deal with the system and the people inside these ones.

Re-watchlist too
7. That Winter, the wind blows.
8. Rooftop Prince
9.The Moon Embraces the Sun
10. Its Okay, thas love
11. Temperature of love
12. Healer
13.Love Rain
14. The Good Wife