hello! today I will be doing a challenge titled this is me, which is basically to explain myself in pictures.


autumn, fashion, and fall image plaid, clothes, and outfit image sweater and style image boots, crossed, and love image
i really like flannels, sneakers, and jeans.


blue, aesthetic, and velvet image blue, stars, and aesthetic image socks, yellow, and feet image cat, animal, and kitty image
i love dark and light blues, and golden yellow/oranges:) I also really like red.


red, act, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and tumblr image
i really enjoy acting and theater.


grace vanderwaal image bastille, dan smith, and charlie barnes image band, music, and imagine dragons image mark foster, foster the people, and mark pontius image

thanks for reading! sorry this was so short, I didn't really know what to put :)