The tans will fade but the
memories will last forever

I have time for writing after I finished my English essay. I do need to study but I rather wait until tomorrow. Usually Summer I don't do anything but sleep. But hopefully I do something exciting since I boost my confidence this year. Check out the challenge if ya interested:


Write a Summer Bucket list

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- Go to the beach
- Travel with friends
- Camp out with friends
- Get my driver liscense
- Eat watermelons 🍉
- Eat endless of ice creams
- Rent a RV
- Have a water balloon fight or with nerf guns
- Stay up and play video games
- Catch fireflies
- Go to amusement parks
- Dance and sing with 24/7 music
- Stargaze ✩
- Update my room
- Refresh the new me

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It is pretty basic but I do have a boring life. I mostly just want to travel and go to amusement parks with my friends. I want to make memories with my best friends, especially going to water parks. Summer is the best way to enjoy life since there's no school.

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- Mochi