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It's a norwayn show with 4 season, each season concentrates on another character. This show teaches a lot about sexuality, prejudices, friendships and love. The cast is amazing and this show is by far my favorite. 100/10 would recommend.

Shameless US

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The show is about the Gallaghers, a family living in the southside of Detroy. Fiona Gallagher educates her five siblings during 8 seasons, because their dad is an alcaholic. During all the season, there comes more and more drama. The show never loses tension and it is so much fun to watch. It's a good mix between humour, drama, tension and seriousness.


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Scream has got so far 2 seasons, focusing on the Lakewood 7 who try to solve the murder of a friend, what ends up in even more murders. This show is a Netflix Original and it is so underrated! It falls into the slasher genre and I totally recommend it.

American Horror Story

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As the title already says, it's a horror show. Each season has its own storyline, e.g. the first one is about a family moving into a murder house and the third one is about witches and black magic. AHS is a basic and everyone should've watched it! In my opinion the third season, Coven, is the best but you should take a look at this show by yourself. As I said, this show is a basic and the storylines are amazing. I love the sh*t outta this show. Totally recommended!

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