Hey Hearters !
One of my New Year's resolution is to have a positive mentality and this year I'm not giving up ! You heard me, yes and neither should you ! I could honestly relate to alot of you guys, haters are a big issue and this year and I'm not going to let them change the way I see the world (I could careless). People that hate me, are ones that inspire me constantly because, they're trying so hard to bring me down but I'm not going to let them discourage me. You have to go through the worst to get the best of things, I learned it the hard way and so learn it too.

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Think of it as training, people want you to lose track and fall behind. Yes, they might be jealous of you but, don't hate them. We shouldn't judge others if we haven't felt their pain. That's something to always keep in mind. I want to be the game changer of my life that turned half of daily drama into something that is worth thinking to. Always remember that the word impossible even says I'm possible. So you can accomplish anything you desire as long as you put your mind to it and believe in your self with the compassion you hold. Don't let others bring you down. YOU GOT THIS ! AND DON'T DOUBT YOUR WORTH

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By: Iman Akram