Hey Folks!

Today I wanted to tell you some show I've binge watched in less than a day.

So here we go

  • Atypical
paige, Sam, and autistic image atypical and casey image
Watched it the day it came out.
  • La casa de papel
la casa de papel, berlin, and netflix image Mature image
  • The end of the f***ing world
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • Everything Sucks!
Temporarily removed everything sucks image
  • Gypsy
Image removed girl, gypsy, and sophie cookson image
  • You me her
Mature image messed up, Relationship, and serie image
  • One day at a time
one day at a time, todd grinnell, and dwayne schneider image latina, series, and netflix image
  • Lucifer (every single season)
lucifer and maze image lucifer and tom ellis image
  • Queer eye
Temporarily removed beautiful, gay, and cute image
Each episode there is a relooking made by 5 gay mens.
  • 13 reasons why
13 reasons why, clay jensen, and quotes image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and background image
  • Black Mirror (every single season)
couple, lesbian, and ship image black mirror and alex lawther image