1). Where the sun sets- Ryan Caraveo
2).feeling Whitney- Post Malone
3).Two shots- Goody Grace, Gnash
4).Leave a message- Gnash
5).Anymore- Ella Mai
6).Naked- Ella Mai
7).Want it with you- Sinead Harnett
8).Oblivion- Jhene Aiko
9).Coma- Caye, Anibal
10).Too much- Rendezvous at two
11).F**k feelings- Olivia O'Brien
12).High right now- Ashleysmashlaay
13).boy afraid- Saro
14).idea of her- Whitney Woerz
15).chanel- Frank Ocean
16).gods plan- Drake
17).heartless- Madison Beer
18).in my mind- Maty Noyes
19).bartier cardi- Cardi B
20).six feet under- Billie Eilish

Those are all my current songs on my playlist I hope you enjoyed. :)