Yup, just did the Harry Potter Tag, now I'm doing the Riverdale Tag! Credits to

Favourite Female
Toni Topaz

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Favourite Male Character
Kevin Keller or Jughead Jones

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Least Favourite Female Character
Penelope Blossom

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Least Favourite Male
Hal Cooper

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Have you read the comics
I haven't read the new ones but I have a collection of the originals

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Favourite Parent
Alice Cooper, Betty's mom

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Least favourite parent
The Lodge's

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What's your view on the show?
Okay so I think it's a really good show, but it has nothing to do with the comics. Like, who's Jason and Chic and who are the Serpents? I think they used the names for publicity but altogether, if you forget that it has to do with the Archie comics, it's a really good show.

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Who did you think Jason before we knew?
Honestly, I thought it was Penelope. Sorry.

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das it, the last pictures kinda creepy. sorry