Yepp, you read it right. I do a really good thing on this week, I liked it so much, it was also fun and I looked really good. Haha. So, now I wanna show you my week with some kind of cool and comfy outfits. I upoad them every day, so you can see them on my collection too. But now, I will show you the whole story of it. Let's see, what I bring to you now. Have a good time here.
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My Monday

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So, in this picture you can see how I dressed up on Monday.
Monday was my RM day. I hope that Namjoon will be proud of me for this. Haha. But for real. On Monday, I was wearing black jeans, with also a black suspender - like Namjoon - and a black/red check shirt, which I love so much. And for the end, I have a really good day on Monday and I looked like Nam in the I need you mv. It was so much fun.

My Tuesday

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On the next day, I was wondering what should I wear and then I choose Taehyung's outfit from the Dope dance practice. This day was so cool and I really enjoyed it.
So, on this day I was wearing a big red hoodie, some kind of black sweatpants with some nice black sneakers. Plus, I always wear my black headphones, 'cause I love it so much and it's really good to listen music with it. Also, I haven't wore a snapback, 'cause I don't have one and I don't like it so much. Headphones are better. Haha.

My Wednesday

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On Wednesday we have a Hoseok day. Haha. But yeah, i wear the outfit of Hoseok from the Run mv. He has wearing a stripped turtleneck - I haven't got a turtleneck so I just wore a classic black/white stripped shirt -. I know-I know, on the photo there's blues jeans, but I forget it a bit and I wore black jeans and also a cute Varsity jacket, that I really love. It's cuter then Hosokies, but his is classical pretty. And for the end of Wednesday, there are my lovely black sneakers.

My Thursday

cool, fashion, and jin image
Don't judge me about that picture, I don't find a normal one. Haha. But everyone knows, that Jimin is a pabo (not for real, but it's funny). Jimin wears a good grey hoodie in the War of Hormone dance practice, he looks a bit bad guy with that snapback, but nevermind. So, I also wore a grey hoodie too, but it's empty, not like Jimin's, but it's so comfy and a bit long, but cute. And I wore some kind of cool blue or classical jeans that I love so much, they are so comfy. Here too, I haven't wore snaps, it's the hyungs thing, I don't wanna steal it from them. Haha.

My Friday

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I like Yoongi's style and I think I am not the only one with this thing. Haha.
He just wears all black and that's the thing, but black a really good choice. Like this, he wears a black sweater and black jeans with a snap and a black mask, but I haven't one and it's not my style, so sorry for that. I liked Yoongi's outfit in the Bapsae dance practice and I like it on myself. I wore some kind of black hoodie and black jeans. It's comfy, classy and cool looking.

My Saturday

cool, fashion, and jin image
Everyone, I was out on this day and I must just take a pic and add to this list and article, to show how I like their outfits. So, for Saturday I looke like Jin in the I need you mv. It was cool, 'cause I have drive yesterday with this eomma style and I do it really good, so please be proud of me. Haha. But for real, on the pic, you can see a black shirt, but I wore a black T-shirt, black jeans, a longer black cardigan and black sneakers, but on the photo, I just wear some black socks. Sorry... Eomma do it right with this outfit, black is right.

This was this lovely article from me to you, you can see a bit of my life on the pics and don't be sad, I will write two others, I think, but don't really know yet.
I hope you liked this article of mine too, and if you did or not, just leave a reaction or hit that heart button. And if you wanna say anything, just message me, I don't bite. Haha. Have a good day/night, be good and have fun. It's weekend.

LA, out.