1. coffee or tea. love coffee

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2. dress or skirt. dress

3.books or movie. movie

4.football or basket ball. football

5. sunrise or set. sunset

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6. Dc or marvel. dc

batman, flash, and superman image

7. long or short hair. i lovee longgg

8.dogs or cats. dogs

9. coke or Pepsi. coca colaa

10.night owl or early bird. night

11. summer or winter. summer

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12. iPhone or galaxy. iPhone

13. fall or spring. Autumn

14. McDonald or burger king. McDonald

15. everyone like you, no one loves you or everyone hates you, one person loves you. one person loves me.

16. nonfiction movie or fiction. fiction

17. pink or purple . pink

flowers, pink, and aesthetic image

18. Xbox one or play station. Xbox one