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- Place and name of your kingdom.

theme, light, and dark image fireworks, light, and new year image light, aesthetic, and black image
Somewhere unknown in the middle of nowhere, "Astisea"

-Type of palace that you would have.

hogwarts, castle, and harry potter image Image removed red, tree, and nature image
Ancient dark palace with great gardens full of roses, peonies etc

-Armor of the guards that you would have.

Temporarily removed beautiful, red, and royalty image Temporarily removed
some kind of dirty gold or black with burgundy

-Your Flag colors.

black, paint, and art image art, red, and paint image white texture image
Black represents power and mystery, burgundy represents strength and white represents freedom

-Your name.

Linyeve Margery

-Are you a King, Queen or Warrior? (Paste a pic of the kind of outfit you would wear)

crown, red, and Queen image fashion, dress, and red image gif, fashion, and beautiful image
Queen ofc UuU

-Type of sport you would practice.

Abusive image heart, gold, and art image Mature image

-What can your Kingdom produce? (fruits, veggies etc)

Image removed cherry, food, and aesthetic image alternative, black, and cherry image
Black Cherries

-Mythical animal.

art, nymph, and painting image Temporarily removed mermaid, sculpture, and statue image
Are mermaids considered animals?