Have you ever had these kinds of friends that seem not to care about you ? The kind of friends that are distant and just forget your there ? I do. And it sucks. Every day at school, I stood there, trying to have a normal conversation about subjects I dont care about, trying to smile at jokes that aren't funny, trying to share a bit of my life with them, truly knowing they juste don't give a F.
The other day, we went skiing, I thought it would have make us closer. They were too close within them 3, they forgot me somewhere. Well, I got lost and they didn't even cared enough to wait for me.
That day, I knew my relationship with them will never be the same. I wouldn't accept to take their shit again, I'm just tired of always trying to fit in without no kind of recognition.
I talk to one of my friend who kinda felt the same ways, and we talk about them for 15 minutes. It seems that she understand me so...
I HAVE ENOUGH. I told them. I told them everything. They listened. They judged me and tried to make excuses like "you were too slow" or whatever. Making excuses when people open up and tell you something is the wrong thing to do.
Anyways, next thing I know, the first girl I talk about my issues, and the same girls who seemed to understand me, took of with friends.
They all went at her house to chill. Can you believe it ?
It was a FUCKING irony. I laughed I swear.

They all seemed to have a healthy relationship together and I dont want to ruin it with my problems. They laughed together and have a lot of fun. I just don't feel good with the anymore, like before.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wrote it because I don't want people who feel the same way, to think they're alone in this world. I want to help!
If you want to talk, I will always be there...take care

-The lonely girl with long nails-