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This article is different from my other makeup articles. I will share with you my makeup wish list. I will write about all makeup products that I want to try.

1 Tarte shape tape

In 2017 Tartes shape tape concealer was the number one concealer in the world . So I wold really like to try it out because all of the youtubers I follow are using it :)

If you want to know who are my favorite beauty gurus check my latest article
beauty, makeup, and makeup collection image beauty, collection, and cosmetics image

2 Urban Decay- Naked 3

I love palettes with pink shades so this one is perfect for me

makeup, eyeshadow, and naked 3 image makeup, pink, and naked image

3 Urban Decay - Naked Heat

makeup, urban decay, and beauty image
I am so in love with those colors

4 Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern renaissance

I want it because I like the range of the colors in it and eyeshadows are pigmented and easy to blend

makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image anastasia, makeup, and modern renaissance image
the most beautiful shades are : venetian red, love letter, primavera

5 Morphe 3502

This is my dream palette.I am in love with this range of colors. If I had to choose one palette to have it would be this palette.

beauty, makeup, and morphe image

6 Makeup Revolution - Unicorns Heart

highlighter, makeup, and rainbow image
Just look at it

7 Makeup Revolution - Chocolate bars

I have own Chocolate Orange palette and I love it so much ( I will write a review on it so follow me if you are interested )

chocolate, eyeshadow, and makeup image too faced and makeup revolution image
makeup, makeup artist, and makeup addict image brown, chocolate, and fashion image

8 Makeup Revolution - Life on the dance floor- Guest list

I also like other palettes from this collection

eyeshadow, makeup, and drugstore makeup image mac, makeup, and nars image

9 The Balm - Nude tude

makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image

10 NYX - Lingerie lipsticks

I like nude lipsticks so this is perfect for me because there is NYX store in Croatia and they are affordable but good quality lipsticks. I own some NYX lipsticks and I will write review on them too.

makeup, NYX, and lipstick image NYX, makeup, and lipstick image
makeup, lipstick, and NYX image

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