I saw this done by @ionaspy - though I'm not sure who started it - and thought it was nice, so I've decided to do it.

I'm Gwenyth, by the way, but Gwen is fine.

G reen

green, nature, and landscape image nature, green, and landscape image forest, nature, and tree image art, flowers, and van gogh image

W hite

architecture, aesthetic, and palace image snow, winter, and wallpaper image winter, snow, and christmas image white, architecture, and art image

E merald

green image snake, green, and aesthetic image green, paint, and aesthetic image green, city, and aesthetic image

N avy

blue and aesthetic image aesthetic, clouds, and gifs image eyes, blue, and aesthetic image boy, photography, and skinny image

Y ellow

gold, lion, and house lannister image yellow, aesthetic, and shadow image aesthetic image glitter, gold, and eyes image

T eal

alien, blue, and ufo image blue, aesthetic, and hands image friends, girl, and car image blue, art, and theme image

H azelnut

architecture and chandelier image quotes, beautiful, and light image harry potter, book, and hp image food, autumn, and fall image
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