Extracts from my favorite book of all time, Psyche in a dress by Francesca Lia Block

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You only talked to me
You said, "Tell me"
You asked, "Do you think Love and Soul are the same?
If not, how does the Soul earn Love?
How does Love find his Soul?
Can one exist without the other?
If Love and Soul had a child
what would her name be?"
"Tell me your name", I said
"You already know
If you are Soul
I am the other one"
He smells like night-blooming flowers
Crushed,juicy petals on the pillows
His voice is full of ocean
Humming like the surf
He kneels before me like I am his goddess
He is a god

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Narcissus had long, gold ringlets
chiseled features
and a body like a temple
Don't look too deeply into his eyes though
You will never find your reflection

Temporarily removed
Music can make a man a demigod
especially to a girl who has seen Love
up close
and burned
and lost him

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You took me home
It was an old Victorian building
wooden floor painted black-
so shiny, a lake-
no furniture except the low black lacquer bed and table
You kissed me until I passed over
The corpse of my body
was stuffed with black lilies and buzzing bees

I forgot Orpheus, my song
I even forgot my first lover, Love
I stopped wanting anything else in the world
I am not a goddess, I said
But you are a god
The god of chaos
The god of hell
Hades, my love

flowers, vintage, and aesthetic image
She smelled like wildflowers, and that is not the same
as other flowers but much lighter-
a little acrid and sun-warmed and windy
She wore beautiful Italian shoes and no jewels
I didn't want to tell her about Hades
Or even Orpheus
I want to tell her about my first lover, Love
The one who never hurt me
He killed me but he never
hurt me
Do you understand?
I cannot say I was unhappy
But sometimes I would wake at night
in my mother's bed
and the smell of flowers through the window
made me wheeze, gulping for breath

Love, he was not there

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"How did you write that book?" I asked him
"It's exactly my life. Have you been following me?"
Eros grinned a crooked smile
It was the first time I had really looked into his face
His head was shaved, laugh lines around his eyes
a nose with a bump, as if it had been broken
He had changed

"Maybe a part of you has been following me, my Soul"
But what is real?
Maybe Eros and I stayed a month
a year
Who is to say?
Maybe we are still there now

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I looked at myself in the tiny mirror on the door
I was no longer beautiful
I did not look like a former starlet
but I looked like an artist
a director of small, strange films
someone you could tell your story to in a bar
someone who had borne a daughter
(a perfect daughter)
someone who knew about planting
and pyromania
I looked like someone whose father had almost killed her
whose lovers had almost destroyed her
whose mother had tried to save her
had saved her as much as a mother can
whose daughter had saved her by being born
and then left her to save herself

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But you must remember you are everything
We all are
Psyche means soul
What more is there than that?

That is all for this article, I hope you enjoyed it! This book is definitely worth reading, the story is beautifully written and just everything about it is beautiful. Sending you love and good vibes, Sarah xxx