Hello beautiful person!

I´m obssessed with aesthetic concepts so today I will present you the boys I once loved by making their aesthetics.

Let´s make a jump to the past...

My First Love

nike, iphone, and fitness image Temporarily removed love, quotes, and text image ball and soccer image
Started like a beautiful friendship, turned into love and ended with a big heartbreak.

The Leader

photography and hands image flowers, blue, and rose image Temporarily removed love, couple, and car image
My worst mistake. To be honest, I never truly loved him, I just needed him so I wouldn´t be lonely.

The One Who Stole My Heart

Temporarily removed jaw image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
My dream boy. I fell in love without even noticing. We were perfect together, but we weren´t meant to be.
PS. This post is about him.

That´s it people!

Please let me know if you would like to read more about any of them.

Hope you enjoyed it!