i watched more movies than i thought i would :)


| jumanji : welcome to the jungle |

it was such a really good movie. i loved it so much, the cast was perfect and the acting was amazing.

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| son of batman |

even thought i love batman so much i never really watched any of his movies. i always watched the cartoons or read comics but never watched movies. and i was already interested in Damian Wayne since i found out he's Arabic. cause Arabic characters aren't really that common and i wanted to know his story. oh!! i loved how damian and grayson met too.

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| batman vs robin |

i loved how this movie was about damian and bruce's father and son relationship. i hated how bruce couldn't trust damian and it hurt him and that's what made him decide and do what he did (i don't want to spoil anything).but all in all it was a really good movie.

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| coco |

it was a really heartwarming movie. i loved it and there were parts which i didn't expect at all. and i loved it so much and the ending was beautiful.

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| batman : bad blood |

i really wanted to know who batwoman was and i got to find that out in this movie. and i really loved the suspense and how bruce disappeared and they thought he was dead. and in this movie i knew for sure that i hate talia so much. i actually thought she was nice in the son of batman but oh boy was i wrong. and the ending with all of them together was epic but i wanted Jason and tim to be there cause i wanted the whole batfam there and the bat girls too. and i cant forget our awesome and amazing grandpa butler Alfred ( he was in the movie but i just love remembering him because he's so awesome :) )

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| Spider-Man : homecoming |

i cant believe i didn't watch this sooner. this movie was epic!!!! i love Spider-Man so much and i loved tom Holland being Spider-Man. i really don't know what to say. this movie was everything i needed in life and the plot twist in the middle was just mind blowing.

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| power rangers |

this movie was epic. i watched it with @asmaa_peony and this movie was gonna give me a heart attack. i cried because of this movie. my heart was torn and i actually was screaming so much when i was watching this movie. my heart almost stopped twice. TWICE!!!! but i loved it and it was much better than i expected.

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| Scooby doo! & batman : the brave and the bold |

at first i was confused like what got the Scooby doo gang to batman. the Scooby doo gang solve mysteries that are kind of ordinary but batman solves crimes and mysteries with aliens and psychopaths. and it surprisingly turned out nice i thought it was gonna be weird or just not right but it was as if it was normal for them both to be in a movie together

| collateral beauty |

this movie was just beautiful and heartbreaking. i cried so much while watching it. it was so meaningful and just so mind opening and after i watched it with @asmaa_peony . me and her sat together and just talked about it. we paused the movie so many times to talk about it and it was actually nice to have these conversations. and will smith is such an extraordinary actor. and what i love most about this movie is that it didn't only help howard but each person that was involved from his friends received help too without planning for it. this movie was soo good that after it i had to just stay for a few minutes to collect my thoughts and feelings because i was a crying mess and my emotions were all over the place.

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| thor ragnarok |

THIS MOVIE WAS EPIC!!! i just loved it and i was so excited to watch it and i was not disappointed. thor with shot hair is such a blessing and loki in an all black suit is a gift from god. i just cant. This movie is too great to be expressed in words and Valkyrie was a badass i loved her so much and bruce was so confused and was like a lost puppy. and I'm not gonna lie hela was really awesome and i liked her.

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| transformers (2007) |

i love the transformers they are one of the cartoons i used to watch when i was younger. i really don't know how i didn't watch these movies before ( there are 5 transformers movies) and i was planning to watch the other four but sadly i couldn't but this movie was the best. i loved when sam met the autobots and my favorite scene was the fight scene it was awesome!!

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i was planning on watching more movies but i had no such luck but i am satisfied with the movies i watched, sadly school is gonna start so i cant watch as much as i want to

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