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There is a really cool project called #PluieDeSentiments about feelings, something that everyone has and that sometimes is not easy to deal with. I enjoyed this project so much that I decided to collaborate with this article on the series The End of the F *** ing World, which is based on comics of black humor. I decided to talk about this series because I think this series teaches some lessons about feelings, so I write through this article some lessons about feelings that I saw during the series.

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☆ paulien ☆

There's always going to be someone who cares about you

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In the series for those who watched, saw that Alyssa and James have problems in relations with their parents. At the beginning, until the middle of the series, we realized that Alyssa's mother did not care much about her daughter, she only cared about the twins and her husband, Alyssa's stepfather. James's father dealt scornfully with ridiculous comments and showed no love for his son. But at the end of the series, we realized that this was not entirely true, since Alyssa's mother and James's father loved them very much. We have seen, for example, that Alyssa's mother wrote birthday cards for her daughter, passing through her father, so that Alyssa did not feel rejected by her own father. James's father was very worried when he knew what it was and what could happen to his son.

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What's the lesson?

Sometimes people find that no one cares about them, does not care about their feelings, whether they are okay or not. But the truth is that there will always be someone who cares about you, so know how to value these people or that person.

There will always be someone who cares.

Do not let people do what you do not want

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When Alyssa and James escape, they find a man helping them hitchhike and even taking them to dinner, when the three are there, James and that man take advantage to go to the bathroom there, this man begins to abuse James and James does not do anything, just let it happen. But after Alyssa arrives and sees what's going on and tells her why he let this man do what he did, James has some idea of letting people do what they want, but Alyssa tells him not to let people do whatever they want.

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What's the lesson?

Going into the context of the feelings, the lesson and that you can not let people have to force you to do things you do not want, or that people think they can not show their feelings, just because someone said it is wrong or that makes You are frank and ridiculous because it is not. This also works for other life situations.

Do not let anyone control your feelings.

Learn to organize your feelings

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In the series shows that James thinks he is a psychopath because he thinks he can not feel anything because he dipped his hand in a pan with a hot oil and also because he killed small animals. He now wanted to kill something bigger, like a person, until he meets Alyssa. But in a short time, we see that James is not a psychopath, but a very confused boy with his own feelings, who does not know how to administer them. A grid of proof that he was confused is that he himself kills a person, but in legitimate defense, and he vomits and thinks about calling the police, he even develops feelings for Alyssa. Evidence that he was confused and not a psycho.

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What's the lesson?

The last lesson, but not least, is that sometimes people get confused with their own feelings and that, in a way, it's even normal and common. So, learn how to organize your feelings, or else you may end up doing something you may regret later or you may think that you are something you are not, like James thinking it is something he was not.

Organize your feelings.

Well, that's what I hope you enjoyed, and see the show that's very good. It's if you liked the #PluieDeSentiments project so be sure to join.