I met you when we were 13 years old and honestly i hated you when we met, but with the time we became best friends and we loved and cared so much for each other.

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You moved to an different country when we were 14 but we still talked so much to each other. We would tell everything to each other but I could notice that you were changing everyday just a little bit.

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You finally came back to Mexico last year but to another high school and at first you were trying that we went to every party of your new school but common you knew i had more fun when it was just me and you in one of our house watching netflix and eating a lot of candy.

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But silly me if I thought everything would be the same as before. You changed a lot, you were now partying every weekend, going out with a lot of guys like a looot, and I still loved you like I thought that you changing wan't bad but I think you though I was being kinda boring cause you were prefering to go out with your new friends and stop asking me if we would go out.

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Now you take a lot of time to answer my text when I try to respond you inmediatly. you stopped telling me what's new in your life, you stopped asking me for advice on your problems. And when I told you something very important to me (and you knew it was a very big deal) that i have talked to my crush finally and you took a whole week to answer me like common.

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Maybe you are thinking i'm exagerating but before you answered to me inmediatly and when you finally did the only thing you said was 'omg haha I didn't reply haha'. Like really? I just told you I talked to my crush. ME that i'm very shy and really had a conversation with him about our dreams like I thought we were still so close but I think we are not anymore. And it hurts so much because I still care a lot about you so much and its horrible to think you don't care so much about me anymore