I miss you
I wanna kiss you

couple, kiss, and love image

I wanna feel the touch of your palm
I miss to be in your arms

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I have never felt this sweet
I want you to lay on my sheets

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I want to take it slow
But baby please
I wanna bring you home

couple, love, and kiss image

I want to kiss you in my car
It would have its charm
Because that is the place where you grabbed my arm
Asked if I would join you to prom
And inside my stomach it felt like a bomb
You grabbed my hand and smiled
It drove me wild

couple, love, and kiss image

I will show up in a dress
I hope it will make you impressed
And maybe we will waltz

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Or we could run away
To a lake somewhere
Kiss under the moon
And at each other stare

couple, love, and kiss image

We could also lay in bed
I would let you rest your head against my chest

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I want us to be gentle
But baby I am impatient

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