hey peepz....
how are u today?
so today i will talk about grunge / aesthetic styles.

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so to have a grunge style you hate to wear clothes that do not fit into society and lots of bargain, because bargain is life and and looks good everywhere, and is very fashionable.

1st tip:

to have a more aesthetic air use some socks that characterize your personality .... socks are something that is becoming more fashionable and completes the look of each one.

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2nd tip:

uses colors that make you feel good ... in my opinion a red, yellow, green are colours that favor any girl and that make her look more strong and flashy

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3rd tip:

ok this tip is without a doubt my favorite.
wear clothes that are only seen on the net ... you can find this type of clothes in aliexpress or on ebay ... they are clothes that give a totally grunge and beautiful air your way

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4th tip:

my final advice is, you, no matter what happend, be what you to want to be and give the fuck to what society says or does. Being original makes you unique and you should be happy about it ... it may not seem like it but in the end everybody will want to have all your courage to dress like this and show yourself as you really are.

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kisses and hope u all like this article