art, beauty, and grunge image Temporarily removed
❥ El olor a perfume. 《The smell of perfume.》
girl, sea, and beach image ocean, beach, and aesthetic image
❥ El vaivén del mar. 《The sway of the sea.》
grunge, dark, and indie image Temporarily removed
❥ Escapar de la rutina. 《Escape from routine.》
Temporarily removed Abusive image
❥ Desabrocharse el sujetador. 《Undoing the bra.》
love rosie, movie, and lily collins image love, couple, and hug image
❥ Ver a alguien después de mucho tiempo sin verle. 《Seeing someone after a long time without seeing them.》
friendship, girl, and friends image girl, friends, and hair image
❥ Hacer reír a alguien. 《Making someone laugh.》
book, reading, and aesthetic image book, reading, and read image
❥ El olor a libro nuevo. 《The smell of a new book.》
Image removed art, Nude, and girl image
❥ Una ducha caliente cuando hace frío. 《A hot shower when it's cold.》
black&white, crush, and manga image girl image
❥ Un mensaje de una persona especial. 《A message from a special person.》
Image removed boy, book, and nature image
❥ Leer cosas antiguas. 《Reading old things.》
Image removed Temporarily removed
❥ El dolor en el estómago de tanto reír. 《The pain in the stomach from laughing so much.》
background, inspiration, and motivation image quotes, motivation, and pink image
❥ Conseguir un propósito. 《Achieving a purpose.》
Temporarily removed baby, mother, and adorable image
❥ Un bebé riéndose. 《A baby laughing.》

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