I've read quite a few articles like this and thought it would be a fun way for you guys to get to know me! x
I'm just gonna say random stuff about my self haha. hope you enjoy x


My style changes depending on my mood. I mainly go for a more layed back graphic tee/ band shirt kinda vibe or I'll wear something more glam and girly but I love trying new styles all the time.

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My music taste ranges from punk rock to Disney sound track haha.

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I love to write songs, Draw and design, sing, play instruments, bullet journal, go on the Internet and take artsy photos.

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I love all the colours honestly but red and rose gold are pretty aesthetic.

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Places I'd love to visit

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Bora bora
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Los Angeles
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New York
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Room decor that I'm into
(this ones super random i know haha)

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Thanks for reading, Love ya xx

If ya wanna stalk me x:
Insta: @lauraxluciani
music insta: @music_addict_covers