Hi Sara, maybe you are a little confused now too. So please, breath and don't let yourself be caught in a panic attack.
I know you don't know what you want to do for yourself.
Your problem is always been that you got tired of everything after a while and that you are able to love everything's around you in a few minutes and after an hour you could just forget it.
Your prob is that you fell in love about every single subject you study and you are interested to discover the world in every way is possible to.

You finally found your way, and you are able to write as your idols (like Chuck Palahniuk or Ray Bradbury).
You are travelling all over the world and you can talk in English like a native. You are independent and you can do everything by yourself.
You studied psychology and you are still searching the right man for u. Because you always knew it: you are too strange for all of them.
But you are happy about yourself because you don't think (as it happened in the past) that you are stupid anymore. I can't say to you anything more, but you are still living. And it doesn't mean you are breathing. You are living for real, Like you always wanted to. WITHOUT NO RULES.
by, Sara.