1. My favorite movie:

disney, beauty and the beast, and book image disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image beauty and the beast, disney, and belle image Temporarily removed
Beauty and the Beast

2. My favorite female character:

disney, alice, and alice in wonderland image disney, flowers, and alice in wonderland image disney, alice in wonderland, and alice image alice in wonderland image

3. My favorite male character:

peter pan, disney, and quotes image animation, cartoon, and cinema image peter pan, disney, and neverland image peter pan image
Peter Pan

4. The character I don't like

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed beauty and the beast, disney, and disney animation image beauty and the beast and gaston image

5. My favorite princess:

disney, princess, and crown image Image removed disney, disneyland, and happiness image Image removed
All the princesses

6. My favorite prince:

Image removed beauty and the beast and disney image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

7. My favorite heroine:

Image by ʚ baby 🌙,, ˚₊ Image by Angi♥️ beautiful, disney, and pocahontas image Temporarily removed

8. My favorite Heroes:

disney, The Incredibles, and pixar image disney, movie, and The Incredibles image Temporarily removed disney image
The Incredibles

9 My favorite villains:

alice in wonderland image disney, maleficent, and sleeping beauty image fuck, ursula, and saintmox image Mature image
The Red Queen, Magnificent, Ursula, Hades

10. My favorite couple:

disney, beauty and the beast, and princess image Temporarily removed Image removed love, tangled, and disney image
Belle and the beast, Ariel and Eric, Anna and Kristoff, Rapunzel and Flynn

11. My favorite kisses:

Temporarily removed disney, belle, and kiss image

12. My favorite relationship:

frozen, elsa, and anna image frozen, sven, and kristoff image stitch, hug, and disney image adventure, friend, and robin hood image
Elsa and Anna, Kristoff and Sven, Lilo and Stich, Robin and Little John

13. My favorite Animals:

cat, disney, and smile image Temporarily removed aristocats, berlioz, and cats image berlioz, disney, and the aristocats image
The Aristocats

14. My favorite sidekick:

Temporarily removed frozen, olaf, and disney image sven, disney, and frozen image frozen, sven, and disney image
Olaf and Sven

15. My favorite location:

Temporarily removed neverland, peter pan, and moon image alice, alice in wonderland, and wonderland image Temporarily removed
Wonderland and Neverland

16. My favorite quote (serious):

olaf, love, and frozen image

17. My favorite quote (funny):

food, winnie the pooh, and eat image be, cat, and disney image

18. The first movie I saw:

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cartoon, disney, and quality image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Winnie The Pooh and the elephant

19. My favorite classic:

boy, disney, and old image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed disney, merlin, and the sword in the stone image
Pinocchio and The Sword in the Stone

20. My favorite Pixar film

Bleu, boo, and child image wtf, monster, and monsters inc image Image removed mike, green, and disney image
Monster and cie