Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to another rather academic article. Today I'll be sharing ways to stay focused and to stay on track of what you're doing. That mean keeping possible distractions to a limit.

Staying focused is really important if you want to be productive and when you need to study for an exam. I'll be sharing my tips on how I stay focused!

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Decluttering your desk and only keeping the essential items needed to complete the task on your workspace can create a much more productive work space and limit your distractions.

For example, If you're doing physics equations then you don't need your phone, notebooks or highlighters on your desk. You'll only need a pen/pencil, calculator and worksheet / textbook.
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When you're trying to study, it seems obvious that you shouldn't keep your phone near you as your notifications will distract you and you'll have the urge to constantly check it. Putting your phone anywhere but on your desk will help you stay focused.

I normally turn off my wifi and put my phone on airplane mode so no notifications can distract me. Blocking social media websites on my laptop is also really handy as you can't access them until your study sessions are over or your task. There are websites that can help you achieve that.
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Keep a bottle of water on your desk to remind you to drink water and stay hydrated. I remember being told by my old teacher that it improves brain activity and can boost grades. Not sure how true the grades part is but drinking water is super important, not coffee - water.

Try and use a clear or plain coloured water bottle instead of a animated bottle such as cartoons or pictures as they may distract you.
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Take breaks away from your desk. I find that if I study for long sessions then i'll start to loose focus and motivation. When you have breaks try to get away from your working space so your mind gets some rest too.

Have a drink of water and snacks such as fruit. Get some fresh air so you're all ready and refreshed before your next study session.
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Setting time limits on when you have to get a task done by will motivate ad force you to complete it before the deadline. Look at the clock and decide how long you want to study for or take on the task. Once it's past that time you should be finished with it.

It will also help you boost your time management skills and if you manage to stick to the schedule then you'll be able to get a lot of things complete and have a productive day.
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Writing down what you want to accomplish for each study session will help you know what you need to do instead of keeping it all in your head. If some subjects have more than one task needing to be complete then you can split them up into different sessions so you're not cramming it all in one.

Write on a post-it one what your goal is, for example : complete worksheet, review notes. then stick it somewhere near your desk where you can see it. It'll help you stay on track of what you're meant to be doing.
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You've reached the end of my article! hopefully you've taken away from tips on how to stay focused and i suggest you try them next time you need to study for an exam or just in everyday tasks! I'll be posting another article tomorrow! Send in your reactions to this article.

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