Love yourself/Be confident are two sentences that people use more often nowadays but how many can help you with this self loving?

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I know how hard it is to make this happen I that’s why I’m writing this article and I really really hope to help you this little issue.
First,let’s thing about it.Why nowadays people aren’t loving themselves and why they are shy?

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Well,my answer for this is : comparing!Yes,with all this social medias we are comparing with people that(maybe) we don’t even know!How can you compare with someone by looking at a picture?!

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To avoid this,I’m suggesting you some things:

1. Start eating healthy! No,I’m not joking!Eating healthy can make you feel happy and it can make you feel confident!Think about it.How do you feel after eating an acai bowl full of fruits?How do you feel after a strong workout?This healthy life would make you a body goal and a better thinking about food.

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2. Be positive .I might not know how this thing changed my perspective about life.Start to make compliments,stop comparing yourself with other people and remove toxic people from your life.If you make compliments-at a moment-you will receive compliments.Trust me,when you receive compliments and when people tell you that you are a good person,the confidence will come as well.

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3. Make a bucket list .Write whatever you want to make this year.The key is to also write small steps like : visiting a city,dying your hair,baking or diy a thing that you love.When you see that you made what you wanted,you will feel good and proud.

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4. Concentrate more on yourself .Sometimes,where not thinking about what is good for us and we’re saying “Maybe next time” but WHY NOT NOW?

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5. Listen old songs .Create a playlist with your favorite songs.Sometimes old songs bring old memories and this is a good throwback :)

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6. Dance! Some people think that this isn’t serious but shy people feel shy and unconfident when they’re dancing aaaand…I’m one of these people.Dancing in front of people can be a big step from unconfidence to confidence.

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These are my personal advices and I hope this article helped you in some way.Remember,all of us are different.We have different qualities,skills and characters.You don’t have to compare with someone to be beautiful.Small steps are also steps and once you will be confident,you will be the best version of yourself.

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