3 months without you..
I can't explain how i feel, i can't explain how hard my heart hurts. My beautiful angel, my beautiful soul, my inspiration , my love we miss you. I don’t know what to do, because I really miss you.
It's hard to accept the reality but I know you're happy. You're not suffering anymore. Even though I know you're happy, I can't be ok with that and I'm sorry. You're gone, you're really gone. But you are with us, right?
I can't believe that his heart stopped beating. I can’t believe we won’t be able to see him on stage anymore. My heart is literally broken.
He pulled someone like me who wanted to die, out of that pain and he give me hope.
I am so sorry that I couldn't help you. I am so sorry I couldn't save you. I am so so so sorry Kim Jonghyun. Now I know how much you suffered, but you also had many moments of true happiness.
One of the few reasons I'm still alive is that I want to make you proud. I will never leave you alone. I will come to you when I leave this world.
I hope someday I can look to the sky with a big smile on my face knowing you're there somewhere.
You've worked so hard. You did well. We are so so so proud of you. You're amazing. You will always be a true artist. You helped so many people and we will always be grateful. You will live in my heart until the end of my life. I promise. You will always remain our bling bling.
You can see how much we love you? I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH !!!