Hello my beautiful readers!

Spring is 3 days away, and well I have a bucket list for you guys to have the best Spring ever!

I have 25 things to do on Spring, so get ready and write them on your journal!

  • Sleep on the beach for a night.
beach, girl, and night image Image by WED. Image by BadGirlSagi Image removed
  • Go skinny dipping
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  • Do a beer bong
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  • Come home with an actual tan
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  • Wake up early one morning.
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  • Get a free round of drinks from someone.
Temporarily removed champagne, cocktail, and drink image drink, champagne, and cocktail image drink and champagne image
  • Enter a competition of some sort (DANCE PARTY)
dance, fashion, and girls image festival, party, and concert image Temporarily removed drink, dress, and party image
  • Take shots with a stranger
Temporarily removed shot image kim kardashian, party, and Shots image lime, Shots, and summer image
  • Buy a stupid souvenir, because clearly you NEED that sweatshirt from the gift shop.
decor, funny, and london image etsy, french jewelry, and vintagevoguetreasure image alternative, blue, and france image etsy, ukraine, and USSR image
  • Invent your own drinking game.
Temporarily removed Image by Private User party, grunge, and alcohol image party, beer, and beer pong image
  • Have a nice dinner out with your girlfriends
dinner, food, and fries image breakfast, cool, and dinner image girls and friends image friends, girl, and summer image
  • Do a keg stand- Also counts as an arm workout. Look at you being proactive!
Image removed stand and keg image
  • Try something new- Para sailing?
Image by Ana Paula Horta aesthetic, ocean, and sailing image boat, girl, and sailing image summer, ocean, and sea image
  • Take a video everyday to document your trip.
adventure, car, and roadtrip image car and Road Trip image bus, car, and nature image friends, girl, and car image
  • Take an epic staged photo with you and your friends
fashion, girls, and friends image beach, girl, and fashion image Temporarily removed outfit image
  • Stay up for 24 hours- Sleep when you’re home!
pink, bed, and bedroom image dog, animal, and cute image Image by 🌱 60s, audrey hepburn, and Breakfast at Tiffanys image
  • Choose a trip “theme song” and play it the entire time- The memories will never fade.
Image by mischief is in me🃏 Temporarily removed Copyrighted image headphones, iphone, and gold image
  • Buy an underwater camera and have a photo shoot
summer, friends, and sea image Image removed aesthetic, legs, and underwater image beach, beautiful, and black and white image
  • If you’re at the beach, send a message in a bottle.
Temporarily removed love image Image by Queen Q Image by little cat
  • Dance on a table- Because clearly everyone needs to see your poor dance moves.
Image by .inlove champagne image ballet, ballerina, and misty copeland image Temporarily removed
  • Put a bunch of glow sticks in the pool and go swimming
Temporarily removed Image by ♡ ναℓєитιиα beach, ocean, and pool image Image removed
  • Have a beach bonfire
beach, bonfire, and sunset image Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee Image by Alice friends, summer, and bonfire image
  • Leave the calorie counting at home- Bring on the margaritas and cheeseburgers
aesthetic, black, and burgers image food, fries, and yummy image burgers, French Fries, and lifestyle image food, delicious, and drink image
  • Take a body shot
fashion, white, and style image body, by, and Hot image fashion, girl, and summer image Temporarily removed
  • Let it all go <3

So hope this was helpful to make an idea of what is yout Spring break going to look like!

I love you guys!