you make me feel good.
you make me feel loved.
you make me feel better.
you make me feel alive.
you make me feel like i'm good enough.
you are so amazing.

even though i see you only once in a month, if even that,
everytime i see you, my life turns good,
and i forget every little stupid, annoying thing,
that has been haunting me for weeks.
when i'm with you, i feel alive.
when i'm running with you around where you live,
in the city lights, i feel better.
i feel like my life is good.
you make my life feel worth living.

i have anxiety, but everytime i talk to you,
or call you, or text you, everything is fine.
you are kind of like my soulmate.
you are my person.
and i don't ever want you to leave.
we're both crazy af sometimes & that's why we belong together.
thank you, for making me who i am.
without you, my life, would be a huge mess.