Ok I thought this would be fun to do since we're 3 days away from spring! I honestly can't wait since Canada is very cold in winter. Anyways guy let's do this!

1. Take your pet on a walk

It was never a bad thing to take your dog on a walk! Breath in the fresh air, bring some music with you and enjoy the connection between you and nature.

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2. Buy/Plant flowers

Because they are so beautiful and have a wonderful smell, a great way to put a little bit of life in your life.

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3. Save money for summer

Festivals, new clothes, road trips or savings in general. It's so so helpful when you need it and sometimes it's just being careful not buying stuff you don't need.

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4. Study for your exams

Does not apply to everyone but is still very very important (I personally wish it wasn't, I suck).

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5. Take care of yourself

You could bath, exercise or anything else that would involve taking care of yourself.

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6. Spring cleaning your room

Stay organized and be prepared for summer coming up!

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7. Read a new book

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8. Discover new music

wItH gOoD vIbEs

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I really hope y'all liked it!

Love, Sarah x

Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan