There are so many ways to miss someone. Sometimes you miss a living person that has been a part of your life a long time ago. Sometimes you miss a dead person. Sometimes you miss a person that cannot be with you in that moment. Missing someone always hurts, but I believe that listening to Music can make your situation a little bit better and I found some songs dealing with the way you feel when you are missing someone- So here we go:

1. Alaska - Casper

(That is a German Song I really like. It is kinda really depressing and can make you feel even worse. I definetly need songs like this because listening to them makes me feel understood. The song is about a depressed and lonely person that misses someone. The persons life is boring, every day is equal and the person feels cold as if it lives in his own small Alaska. Theres one very expressive line:

"Inmitten von „Alles wird Gut“ und „Ich habe den Mut“
Steht ein „Bitte komm zurück“ in der Farbe von Blut"

And it means something like:

"Somewhere between "everything is going to be alright" and "I have the courage" there is a "please come back" written in the color of blood"

This line really expresses what it feels like to missing a person very deeply, even though you pretend that everything is alright.)

2. Dimelo - Enrique Iglesias

(This is a love song about missing the person you are in love with. It is not that deep, but it represents what it feels like when the person you love is not there physically, but always on your mind)

3. Call me on your way back home - Ryan Adams

(The same situation is metioned in this song. It is about missing a person that left the singer but is on his way home. Ryan Adams asks his girl for calling him on his way back home, because he already misses her. This song is very melancholic and calm and i really love that.

"Call me on your way back home, dear
Cause I miss you" )

4. Everything flows - Left Boy

(Well I actually really adored this song a few years ago. It is about a person that used to be very close to you. And you know everything about this person because this person meant so much. But times are changing and this very important person is gone and not longer a part of your life. Left Boy makes sure that everything flows and comes as it goes. You can feel that he does not mean it. He still misses that person. I found that song on my laptop and i still like it, because that is the kind of missing I know very well.)

5. Fluchtversuch - Sudden

(This one is about a person you still love and miss even though you shouldnt. It is a german rap song and i just cannot listen to it anymore, because it reminds me of a person i liked. Nevertheless I still like this song it is about a person you still love even though you just want to run away. One very expressive line is:

"Frag den Frühling und den Sommer nach 'nem bisschen Glück
Herbst, ob du noch auf mich wartest, Winter, ob du mich vermisst"

That means something like:

"I ask spring and summer if i could have some luck, autumn wether you are still waiting for me and winter if you miss me"

I like it even though the lyrics kinda break my heart once again)

6. Here Without You - 3 doors down

(Here without you describes exactly what it feels like to miss someone and you can always listen to it when you are missing someone, because it always fits.

"I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind.
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time." )

7. I Dont Wanna Live Forever - ZAYN , Taylor Swift

(I always listen to this when I am missing my boyfriend because he cannot be with me. This song describes my feelings in those moments completely. It is a soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey 2 and this makes it even greater, because i love 50soG very much.

"I don't wanna live forever, 'cause I know I'll be living in vain
And I don't wanna fit wherever
I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home")

8. i miss the old u - blackbear

(This song is about a girlfriend that changed very much and the singer just really misses the girl he once knew. I think many people have friends that changed very much and that causes that you start missing the person they were before.)

9. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston / Dolly Parton

(I guess I do not have to say something about this song. Everybody should know and love this song. I will always love you is one of the greatest songs ever and it often makes me cry. It is not exactly about missing someone but it makes me thinking about the people that i loved once. I still miss and love most of them.)

10. If you could see me now - The Script

(That is a song dealing with the death of a loved person and listen to this song always causes goose bumps. I am not going to tell more because you have to listen to this song to understand what I mean)

11. lonely again - gnash

(That song definetly shows the connection between loneliness at night and missing someone. I always get lonely and start to missing the same old people (especially my boyfriend) every single night.

"And after all that you said, I was hoping
That you'd be here in my bed, but I'm coping
I don't know why, but I'd give my life for you

You said you would care
You said you'd be there
(Matter of fact)
You said you'd be here
So how come you're not here" )

12. Missing You - Green Day

(That is just the fanciest song about missing someone. I like it very much because it is rock music and a green day song. I ADORE GREEN DAY)

"I searched the moon, I lost my head
I even looked under the bed
I punched the walls, I hit the street
I'm pounding the pavement looking
I'm missing you
I'm missing you
You're not around and I'm a complete disaster
I'm missing you" )

13. Tu me manques - Gregoire

(Tu me manques is a French song about deeply missing a person you love. The song is very simple, it mainly consists of the phrase "tu me maques" (I miss you) but it exactly shows how much it hurts when you are missing someone)

14. Alone - Lund

(This song is like "lonely again" about missing the person you love when you are alone at night and about the fears of losing this person. It is quite depressing and i listen to it when missing a person got really bad)

15. i wrote this song 4 u - Lil Bo Weep , killedmyself

(Once again a song about missing that one person when you are alone. It also deals with emptiness, loneliness, depression and the feeling that you can not carry on without that one person by your side.

"I wrote this song for you
I gave you all I knew how to
I kept you in my mind and
I just need you to listen
I miss you every day
Nothing is ever the same
Without you I am not me
My soul is empty I feel

So fucking empty
So fucking tired
I just need you by my side
So fucking empty
So fucking tired
I just need you all the time" )

I miss my boyfriend every night because he never has time for me, but i also miss a boy that once was my best friend. It is a completely different kind of missing and i cannot say whats more horrible.