1. favorite movie (s)

sleeping beauty, Alice, aristocats and snowhite

alice in wonderland and disney image aurora, gif, and princess image disney and gif image disney, snow white, and kiss image

2. fav song (s)

from sleeping beauty
once upon a dream

animation, disney, and film image

from Anastasia
once upon a December

anastasia and disney image

from Pocahontas
colors of the wind

disney, gif, and movie image

from Ariel
kiss the girl

ariel, disney, and kiss image

3. fav character(s )

princess aurora and prince Philip, robin hood , Sebastian from ariel and Hercules

ariel, disney, and sebastian image disney, sleeping beauty, and princess image disney image Temporarily removed

4. fav princess (s)
yark sleeping beauty. snow white. Ariel and Pocahontas

aurora, disney, and gif image princess, snow white, and animal image Image removed gif and pocahontas image

5. fav princes (s)

Philip, snow white prince Rapunzel prince and Aladdin

disney, sleeping beauty, and princess image disney, love, and gif image Temporarily removed disney, aladdin, and movie image

6. fav animal(s)
lady and tramp, from aristocats the male adult cat , mickey mouse and winnie pooh

disney, love, and dog image disney and aristogatti image disney, gif, and mickey mouse image gif and winnie the pooh image

7. fav quotes

maleficent - "there is evil in this world hatred and revenge"
from the movie sleeping beauty - "i walked with you once a upon a dream "
lion king - "the past can hurt, but the way i see it you can ether run from it or learn from it."
lion king -"hakuna matatat means no worries for the rest of your days"

love, disney, and princess image Temporarily removed change, lion king, and simba image disney, lion, and simba image

8 fav couples

obv- Philip Aurora. Anastasia and her guy, aristocats women cat and male cat then robin hood and his girl

Briar Rose, disney, and love image love, cat, and disney image anastasia, disney, and movies image robin, cartoon, and couple image

9 character (s) i think im most like

briar rose, and alice
im curious like alice and gorgeous like Aurora

Temporarily removed disney, alice, and alice in wonderland image