hello again!! everyone seems to really like my other drawing articles (thank you so much!!) so here's another drawing article.

these are all things I do to improve and what things I found helped me the most and what I wish I'd learned sooner, I am not a professional artist. There isn't really one way to do it so if you don't want to try any of this stuff then you don't need to!!

learning to draw from photo/life reference

ok this is super important even you draw cartoons or heavily styled art. most of the art you see, especially of faces, are referenced from a real-life person! learning to use life/photo reference is super important skill in drawing. using reference helps with proportions, lighting, and even your personal art style. It definitely makes my art style more consistent!!

drawing everyday

it's important to practice everyday or at least try to!! you don't need to do a full complex study or painting every single day but try to make a short gesture drawing exercise (explained in the next section!) or do a small sketch. If you don't have a lot of time, bring a sketchbook with you and if you're on the bus/in the car/waiting you can use that time to practice, especially if there are lots of people around to draw!!

gesture drawing

gesture drawing is also a really good thing to learn as it will help you draw a lot faster and better. quickposes is the website I usually use for it but you can use any photos of people/animals with a timer!


here's a link to quickposes!! there are some tips at the bottom of the page which I suggest you read. when you're ready adjust the settings however you want (start with more time!) and start. It's really good to try to do them as often as possible, you could even set aside a few minutes a day to do them. I don't do these as often as I should but I definitely improve more when I do!

learn basic colour theory

It's great to know at least a little bit of colour theory to make you drawngs and paintings look nice. there are tons of videos about it on youtube. It's very complicated but it's a lot better to know a little bit than none.

don't draw so slowly all the time.

If you spend lots of time on every drawing you'll start to improve slower, try to draw a bit faster more of the time, even if it doesn't look as good you'll start to get better at it. (gesture drawing really helped me learn to draw faster!!) obviously if you are doing a piece that you need to look really good and put tons of work into, take your time if you need it. (especially don't rush your painting!

stop avoiding things!

don't only draw the same thing over and over again or try to avoid drawing hands by putting them in pockets or behind backs. stop drawing everyone winking. If you avoid or don't draw certain things, practice them as much as possible!!

don't stop learning and don't give up!

drawing is a skill, talent might help you learn a little faster at first but it can only get people so far. people who are really good at drawing have been learning and practicing for years and years. just like math, though some people simply have an easier time with it than others they still work very hard and learn everything they can to be as good as they are now. as long as you continue to learn about art, drawing, colour etc. and continue to practice you will improve even if you think you have 'no talent'

thank you for reading until the end! I hope this article helped you at least a little bit. I also want to thank everyone for a thousand followers that's so cool!! as well as almost 6000 hearts on one of my articles??? thank you so much!!

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