Artists I've been listening to and my fave songs by them (I added YouTube links to the songs below the images as well)

1. Cherry Blossom , Burning Desire by Lana Del Rey

red, rose, and aesthetic image Image removed Temporarily removed song, tumblr, and yellow image
cherry blossom: Burning Desire:

2. Breathe , Don't be such a boy by Astrid S
(Song links below the pictures)

aesthetic, music video, and herman tommeraas image world tour, astrid s, and party's over image music, norwegian, and musician image aesthetic, couple, and music video image
Breathe: Such a Boy:

3.Honey , Escape and hold me by the heart Kelhani

beauty, follow, and like image kehlani and Tattoos image Image removed rose gold image
Honey: Escape: Hold me by the heart:

4. Why (in studio version), Thumbs , Run and Hide , Alien by Sabrina Carpenter

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed
Why (in studio version) : Thumbs: Run and hide: Alien:

5. The way we were , Lightning in a bottle , Jukebox by The Summer set

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The way we were: lighting in a bottle: Jukebox:

6.Oops , Hair , power , Nothing else matters by Littlle Mix

Image removed Image removed
Hair: Oops: Power: Nothing Else matters:

7. Medicine , ugh , she way out ,heart out by the 1975

Image by Moody75 ♢ the 1975, heart out, and matt healy image Image by Moody75 ♢ the 1975, band, and grunge image
Medicine: Ugh: She way out: Heart out:

8. Ferrari , R.I.P to my youth, Flawless, Alleyways

Image removed the neighbourhood, jesse rutherford, and the nbhd image jesse rutherford, the neighbourhood, and jesse image pink, music, and vintage image
Ferrari: R.I.P to my youth: Flawless: Alleyways:

9. Consequences , real friends, after all thins time by Camila Cabello

Image removed beach, girl, and life image camila cabello image Temporarily removed
Consequences: Real friends: After all this time:

10. Home made dynamite, Perfect places Lorde

Temporarily removed ️lorde and music image ️lorde image Temporarily removed
Home made dynamite:: perfect places :

11. Outside , like that , by me diamonds Bea Miller

bea miller image Image removed bea miller image beautiful, live, and long hair image
outside: Like that: By me diamonds:

12. Right Here , Friends , Triggered by Chase Atlantic

Image removed Image removed Image removed chase atlantic, music, and album image
Right here: Friends: Triggered:

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