Ciao Miei Angeli! I know, what is this? Two posts in one day? I hear the conspiracy theorists battling their keyboards right this moment.
But yes, another post. I hope this doesn't get too boring but I thought it might be nice for all of you to know a little bit about me, so without further ado, on i get.

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1) I love to read
2) I am Lebanese and Canadian
3) I was born in England
4) I have a cat
5) I also have a dog

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6) I LOVE to travel to new places
7) I want to study Law
8) I dye my hair more than I should
9) I am teaching myself Italian
10) I cry more over animals than people

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11) I adore house plants
12) I have an unhealthy notebook addiction
13) My favourite movie is Ghost
14) My all time favourite TV show is Supernatural
15) My birthday is on January 15th (Capricorn)

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16) I love collecting crystals and gems
17) I love witchy things
18) My Chinese zodiac is the Metal Snake
19) I love incense
20) I take art for GCSE and am failing (whoops)

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21) Im allergic to my cat but I still love her (Not in pic)
22) I hate liars
23) My favourite season is Autumn
24) I love photography
25) I want to write a book

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26) I get angered too easily
27) I am 5'4"
28) I like Bon Jovi
29) I TRY to look on the bright side though it doesn't
always work out
30) My best subject so far is Sociology

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Bonus: I like everything tidy.

ANYWAYS thats it for now (I swear this time), until next time! <3

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